About the city:In João Pessoa, where the sun rises first in the American continent, everyone desires dawn to start the sooner the better and afternoon to go far beyond its limits. Here, our sea shore has an art master-piece status; a several kilometers far canvas painted to be surprised, lived, immersed end heart felt.
            South bound shore is near town but far from its urbanity. A place where you forget yours problems listening to sea water which, by the way, are crystal clear, surrounded by colorful cliffs just beneath an “all-blue-making” sky. João Pessoa enhances the spirit.
            At urban beaches, nature is surrounded by options. The sun invites for a bath. The sea urges for a dive. The sidewalk proposes a jog. Night invites a party, but before that, day must end in a stylish way. So when sunset comes, poetry wakes up to the sound of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero every day at Jacaré Beach. Meanwhile, horizon prepares itself for the next dawn.

            João Pessoa is a place of open windows, so that the breeze between back yard and greenery jumps to the eyes. Here, nature goes beyond its habitat to be part of the urban scene and of each one’s life, or even better, part of life’s quality.
            Breathe deep, you’re about to know a city that still holds a rain forest reservoir where green does not abridges itself to forest; it’s in plazas, at the city gantries , in the among nature. Here, beauty is in the eyes of those who look at the city from any point of view. João Pessoa is beautiful to live in.

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